I'm sick of wedding blogs featuring primarily straight, white, thin, conventionally attractive, wealthy, young couples. I'm sick of couples feeling like their wedding isn't as worthy of representation or documentation because they don't check all of those boxes. If you're in the business of love, as we wedding vendors are, I believe you must also be in the business of social justice. This is especially important now, as the current political climate in many parts of the US is trying to strip marginalized communities of their rights.

Due to my beliefs, I will not photograph weddings at plantations or at venues which are exclusionary to the LGBTQIA+ community.

so what does that mean for you?

With me as your photographer, you can expect:

- posing that is not inherently gendered
- a commitment to using the correct pronouns for you and your community
- experience editing diverse skin tones in a rich, true-to-life way
- an affirming, non-judgemental presence on your wedding day


I am a loud supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.
I am a loud supporter of Black Lives Matter.
I am a loud supporter of sex workers.
I am a loud supporter of ethical non-monogamy and alternative relationship styles. 

You can be confident that your love will be seen, affirmed, and celebrated by everyone on my team.

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